Swanson Escapee timeline; Response from Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice

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MONROE, La (06/10/20) — Since July 20, 2019, we’ve reported nine attempts of an escape or a successful escape from the Swanson Correctional Center.

July 20, two juveniles escaped and stole a phone out of a car before their escape.

The next month, four escaped, overpowering a guard then stealing her keys and jumping the fence to escape.

Almost four months later, a teen escaped and stole a van and tried unsuccessfully to drive through the fence, he then tried climbing the fence but got stuck and firefighters cut him out.

April 2, 2020, three detainees crashed a Swanson dodge van into the fence in an attempt escape on the south side of the property.

Four days later, two more escaped. they were playing basketball and jumped the fence on the East side of the complex.

13 days later, eighteen attempted to escape, but only 11 were successful. four exited the gate on foot but were taken into custody. The other seven stole a dodge charger from the parking lot.

May 9, numerous inmates escaped. Law enforcement caught all but two.

18 days later, three juveniles escaped and jumped the East side fence.

The most recent attempted escape was on June 5. Monroe Police established a perimeter around Swanson and stopped the escape of the four juveniles.

We reached out to Swanson for comment and they referred us to the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice. Their response says,

“OJJ has conducted reviews of each incident in order to determine the best course of action moving forward. Most of these recommendations have been implemented through changes in standard operating procedures. Furthermore, several aspects related to training have been adjusted.”

The statement also says they’re reviewing guidance to make physical plant adjustments however due to security reasons, the specifics of those changes cannot be detailed. Staff is making daily security checks to help resolve any issues related to the security of the facility.

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