SURGE Entertainment Center will offer fun for the whole family in West Monroe

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Investors confirm that Surge Entertainment Center will be a place for family fun, It will be built right along the I-20 corridor across from NBC 10 Studios and the Ike Hamilton. 

Currently all you can see is a plot of land with major potential; but in just about a year, weather permitting, developers hope you’ll be looking at Surge Entertainment Center. 

“It’s going to be a fantastic edition to West Monroe, hopefully it’ll spark some more development out in the area,” said Mayor Staci Mitchell of West Monroe. 

Many in the twin cities tell us NBC 10 that -this project will fill an important need. 

“I thought it was pretty neat because you can always use more entertainment here,” said Mallory Graham, a local resident.

Victoria Sanchez, another local resident believes without organized activities, it leaves the door open for problems. 

“This town is getting bigger, it’s getting a lot bigger than it was 10 years ago. It’s got a bigger population, there’s going to be more people wanting to do more things and since there’s nothing to do, people are going to find ways to get in trouble,” she said. 

Jeremy Harrell, a partner with Surge Entertainment indicated that he and his partners see the need that surge can help fill.

“We really thought this was a way to put our own personal resources into this and help create jobs, help with economic expansion and do everything we could,” he said. 

Surge will be a 43,000 ft. facility built on four acres, it will be home to bowling, climbing walls, laser tags, an arcade, a restaurant and a separate area for adults serving beer, wine and liquor.

“We really hope this piece will spur other development and make it good for everybody,” said Harrell. 

Ultimately, Mayor Mitchell mentioned that it’s all about growing West Monroe.

“I don’t have any other secrets to tell you right now, but we’re constantly working,” she said.

The project will cost between $8 and $10 million all funded by private investors. The City of West Monroe has hired a retail strategist to see what other businesses could be lured to the city.


ORIGINAL STORY: (12/14/18) According to our partners at The News-Star, SURGE Entertainment Center is coming to Mane Street in West Monroe. The event center will offer a variety of options for kids and adults.

Jeremy Harrell, a partner in the venture, said the 43,000-square-feet facility will have 18 bowling alleys — 12 of those will be for families, and six will be in an adults-only portion of the facility. (The closed-off lanes will have access to a full bar.)

Kids will get a stamp or armband as they come in, which will be checked when they leave. Parents will be able to let their children have fun on the ninja course, climbing wall, rope course, zip line or laser tag areas without worrying about the child leaving with the wrong adult.

Read more at The News-Star.

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