President Trump plans to announce his pick for the Supreme Court Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.
Judge William Pryor is one of those candidates who met with Trump on January 14th in New York, and his name is recognized locally.
He’s a Northeast Louisiana University alumni, now the University of Louisiana Monroe. 
He also has a sister and brother -in -law who still live in Ouachita Parish.
We spoke to Bob Noel, a law professor and attorney who took  a walk down memory lane to discuss the success of  Judge Pryor. 
Pryor is an Alabama native who spent his undergraduate years in Monroe on a band scholaraship. 
“For someone to come from a small school like ULM is almost unheard of, most of the people who’ve been appointed in the last 150 years have always come from ivy league schools or something very similar,” says Noel.
Right now, Pryor is a Federal Appeals Court Judge in Arkansas. 
Many conservatives believe he’s a dream candidate. 
“What you are going to see is you are going to see a very contencious set of confirmation hearings it’s going to be centered primarily on reproductive rights I believe more than anything,” says Noel. 
Pryor’s been outspoken when it comes to abortion rights, calling Roe v. Wade, “The worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.”
With nien Supreme Court Justices, Pryor is expected to add a conservative edge. 
“We’ll be looking at pretty much the same 5 to 4 split in the supreme court, and that is going to make Justice Anthony Kennedy who tends to be the man in the middle the swing vote or the most important person on the U.S. Supreme Court,” says Noel.
In 2004,  Pryor was appointed to the Federal Bench by President George W. Bush, and previously served as Alabama’s Attorney General for seven years. 
If chosen, he will be the first justice with strong ties to Louisiana since 1921.