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Study: Louisiana's interstate highways among the worst in the country

Some of the nation's interstates seeing more and more traffic each year, are right here in Louisiana. And the pavement is suffering because of the increased traffic.
Transportation leaders say they know it. 
"I can agree that our interstates need to be in better shape. Fortunately the area that I am working in the nine northeast parishes is in fairly good condition," said Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development Marshall Hill. 
According to trip, a private non-profit dedicated to transportation issues, 26 percent of Louisiana's interstates are in poor to mediocre condition. 
In Northeast Louisiana, the Department of Transportation & Development is working to fix the problem right now.
"We have a crew of people who work continuously on the interstate in Lincoln, Ouachita, Madison and Richland. We have continuous projects that we lay out and bid on over sections of the interstate," said Hill. 
He tells me the department has plans to restore portions of I-20 in West Monroe. 
"The project is coming up within the next year to rehab several sections on 1-20 as far as concrete patching and one of those is going to be right at the foot of the bridge as you enter West Monroe from Monroe"
While there is a project in works funded by the state's gas tax.
Some residents say the current patchy interstate conditions are too dangerous to put off. 
"These hole and potholes on the interstate can knock your front end loose or it can cause an accident," said West Monroe resident Rev. Jessie Gonzalez. 

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