Storms and flooding take over some Arkansas counties

Local News
bradley flood_1529698119153.jpg.jpg

2018 June 22

Flood waters slowly took over Bradley County as rain poured in South Arkansas.

Cars passed over highway roads covered in flood water.

One side of the road was so high it could barely be seen.

We caught up with the Arkansas Department of Transportation who were putting up signs to warn of roads under water.

They say as water rises, they will eventually shut down roads.

Reports said the storm was headed towards Union County later that day.

We spoke with some residents there to see if they were preparing, and most were taking it stride.
“You have to have the bad weather so you can enjoy the good weather and you know it’s kind of nice we need the rain,” said Michael McRae.”We don’t need it all at one time. I do landscaping, and everything has been so dry, and it’s good for business.”

It is a part of what we can expect now that summer is officially here.

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