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(10/4/18) The Sterlington Police Department is offering tips for women who are being followed and feel their safety is at stake.

According to Sterlington Police Chief Barry Bonner, he says there have been stories going around of women being followed around in stores in our immediate area.

There have been reports filed and 911 calls made in regards to someone being followed.

Chief Bonner wants to make sure everyone knows what to do if you find yourself being followed in a vehicle or walking around in a store.

First, if you think you are being followed in a vehicle, immediately call 911 and drive straight to the nearest police station. If they follow you into the parking lot of the police station pull up as close as you can to the front door and lay on your horn until an officer comes out to check on you. Be very vigilant and get as much information as you can about the driver and description of the vehicle.

Second, if you think you are being followed in a store, go straight to an associate of the store and report the incident. Call 911 and give them the information about who’s been following you. Have the store management escort you to your vehicle.

Always keep at the forefront of your mind you are surrounded by predators just looking for an opportunity to strike. Predators look for individuals who seem to be complacent and will normally steer away from people who look them straight in the eye acknowledging they know they have been spotted.

Parents, your children are the most precious thing you have on this earth so why would you let your babies run around a store away from your sight? Always have your young children within arms length.

Choose your parking space wisely. Do not park next to vehicles with blacked out windows or people standing around a parked car.

Chief Bonner says if your gut senses something isn’t right, listen to it! God has given us the ability to sense danger so take advantage of that ability! Better to be overly cautious than extremely sorry.

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