Sterlington announces ticket and warrant one-month amnesty program

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STERLINGTON, La (03/11/20) — From now until April 15th, anyone with an outstanding ticket or warrant can pay it off with no restrictions.

“If you come in in this amnesty period, they will not be arrested, they will not be processed with any other charges, whatever that ticket is that’s on there, that’s what we’re gonna take care of. They can come in and take care of it, and walk out with no issues,” said Caesar Velasquez, Mayor of Sterlington.

The city is accepting tickets and warrants from 2006 on.

“The ones we can work with and amend are speeding, red-light violations, following too close, all those are moving violations. They only things we cannot take are anything involving alcohol or an accident,” said Velasquez.

If you have to pay an outstanding ticket, all you have to do is bring your license and come to the town hall. From there, the court clerk can search for your information if you have an outstanding ticket on your record.

To pay for the outstanding ticket, the city will take cash, money order, or cashier’s check; no personal checks and no debit or credit cards will be accepted. Mayor Velasquez says the city has roughly $70,000 in outstanding tickets.

“So we’re trying to get them in and take care of this. This way, they’re free to do whatever they need to do as far as whatever endeavors they’re trying to get into,” said Velasquez. He says he hopes the public will take advantage of the month-long period to pay off past tickets or warrants and start the year off on the right foot.

If you are unable to pay in person for any reason, the link to the online payment is here.

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