State Senator creating bill to keep sex offenders from taking photos of underage children

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2018 October 10

State Senator Trent Garner is cracking down on sex offenders.

He’s creating a new bill that could keep level 3 or level 4 offenders from taking pictures of children under 14.

The inspiration behind the bill comes from another state where a sex offender took pictures of children and posted them online–but nothing in the law prevented him from taking photos.

Garner says he’s received a great response, but some are wondering how this will be distinguished.

“It’s just going to be behavior,” said Garner. “Not every time you take a picture out in public, the cops are going to be called on you, but the examples I’ve seen in other states, it’s very obvious that the pedophile is being perverted, is being creepy and have behavior that shows they are doing something outside of the norm.”

We spoke with two mothers who say they agree wholeheartedly.

“If they are not allowed on school campuses or school grounds or anywhere around kids, they should not be allowed to take pictures as well,” said Mary Pickell.

“I’m just glad that that senator is actually thinking along those lines like trying to add that extra bit of protection for our children with sexual offenders and what may already be in place, ” said Yvette Swilley.

Mothers like these two say they appreciate someone looking out for their children.

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