St. Joseph People Endure Water Crisis

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 There are few things in this world more necessary than water. The people of St. Joseph know that all to well as they learned their water might not be safe to use. 
Governor John Bel Edwards was in St. Joseph Monday night to discuss the town’s water crisis. One that he’s declared a public emergency. 
The state has vowed to fix the water system, but in the mean time citizens have to wait for Louisiana state public health officials to test every single home and business for lead poisoning. 
 St. Joseph’s town hall is providing bottled water for people to come and pick up. It’s one of the only places where they can come and get clean water.
 Now families are being forced to use bottled water to drink and cook with, but that still leaves one problem.
Richard Scott and Jessie Campbell are St. Joseph residents and who say their water hasn’t been usable for a while now. They are scared to use it for anything they do on a regular day basis. 
“Man it’s bad,” Scott said.
“It’s horrible when you want to go take a bath and the water comes out rust [colored],” Campbell added.
“It’s absolutely rust colored and I don’t know but I t think some of our neighbors’ [water] is not quite as bad as ours. “
 The couple says their water used to be even darker than it is right now. Once you get close to their shower faucet, you can see it is covered with rusty residue. They are thankful that this problem is finally getting the attention it deserves. People who are going through the same problem can get some help.
” I’m glad they’re coming in here and trying to straighten this out.  Because look we are paying a water bill. Every month. $45 and we can’t use it , ” Scott said. 
 In the mean time, people will have no choice but to wait for water they can use. Help is on the way, but judging by what we saw coming out of this couple’s shower, it can’t get here fast enough. 
Engineers say the town’s water system will be ready to be completely replaced by September. 

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