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Special helicopter will scope out aquifer data over the next few weeks

EAST ARKLAMISS - (12/17/18) Helicopters can sometimes be intimidating, especially if they're carrying something large that looks like a missile.

But don't worry, it's a harmless instrument that measures the levels of and collects data about the aquifers on the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. It'll do this for the next few weeks, and it will look about 300 feet below the surface. This data is primarily used for agricultural purposes.

The chopper will only fly over portions of the ArkLaMiss, and for the residents in the flight path, you may not even notice it entirely.

But rest assure, if you do see this chopper, it is not spying on you. They will collect the data as quietly as possible.

For more details about the mission and where the chopper is going to be flying, you can check out these links provided by the U.S. Geological Survey:





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