South Monroe gas station attack goes viral, woman charged

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A violent exchange at South Monroe gas station posted on Facebook. 
Since Friday, the video has gone viral clicked on more than 80,000 times.

Reaching well beyond the Ark-La-Miss.
The video taken at rush hour gas station shows 30-year-old Nanthailia Henry going to her car to retrieve a pair of brass knuckles. 

The store owner asked to not be shown on camera, but told us Henry tried to attack his employee and damaged his lottery machine.

“She tried to come around and beat him up and he got the baseball bat to protect himself and she started pushing all the stuff down,” said the store owner.  

Regulars at the convenience store say Henry is always around the neighborhood. 
But, they have never seen her act like this before. 

“I come by this store on a daily basis and i have been in there when she came in. You know they had words but it never came to this. For her to cuss him out and for him to show aggression towards her,” said Eric Harrison.  

Others shocked to see the video, video shared with us from our news content partners at The News-Star. 

“Wow she really did that because i never really seen stuff like that up-close. I was really surprised when i seen her sort of pushing stuff down and i didn’t expect her to run in their with brass knuckles or anything like that, said South Monroe resident, Antonio Montgomery. 

Saying it makes them feel uneasy.

“It just kind of makes me feel unsafe. That anything can happen around here,” said Montgomery. 

All agree the situation could have been handled better.

“This situation could have been handled a lot better. Because is she would have show any aggressive reaction towards him then he should have got on the phone right then and there and called law authorities,” Eric Harrison. 

Surprisingly, the store owners said Henry was the one that flagged down officers. 
According to Monroe Police, she told them she had smoked PCP earlier in the day.
She was charged with aggravated assault and criminal damage to property.
She is being held on a $13,000 bond. 

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