Some Morehouse residents want more input on the new schools Superintendent

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(5/2/2018) In Morehouse Parish, they are down to the final four candidates for who will be The next Superintendent for the school district. However, some parents tell NBC 10 they want to have more input on the decision before the school board puts it to a vote.

“They’re moving fast.” says Bastrop resident Ricky Anderson. ” This board is up for election in November. Who’s to say that either one of them will be back.” Fellow Bastrop resident Joann Bradford agrees. “The new board coming in can put forth their vision their policies.”

Several residents of Morehouse Parish reached out to NBC 10. They want to be heard before the decision is final. “Right now, they haven’t said they were going to include the community.” says Sharon President Morehouse Association of Educators.

One thing everyone who spoke with our Randall Newsome completely agree on, the new superintendent has a big challenge ahead of them in the form of school safety. “We need help and we need the right person in the right seat to keep the safety of our children.” says Ricky Anderson. He points out guns and drugs on school campus as major problems. Others say fighting is a problem. “These kids turnaround and want to fight teachers.” says Sharon Rambo. “we only have the parents that want to fuss, cuss and beat up folks.”

The group tells us for change to come, everyone in the Parish needs to be on board and have input. Sharon Rambo says “They need to meet with the teachers and get the teacher’s opinions because they’re in the classroom every day.”  Joann Bradford says “Right now, the school board and the city government don’t work too well together. We could help more students if we have the same vision and same dreams not fighting each other.”

School Board President Karen Diel tells us the school board plans to interview the final four candidates next Wednesday, and hope to make the final vote no later than a week after.

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