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Allegedly attacked by a Winnfield police officer, Tanisha White’s family is still searching for answers after she lost sight in one eye. They claim she was tased in the eye after a misunderstanding with the officer. Saturday they marched in protest for justice in her honor.

There were no sirens and no chants,  just the sound of cars passing by and footsteps of those marching the streets in the name of justice. 

“We’re not going away, we’re going to make sure something is done about this,” said Tramika Coleman.

Coleman’s sister, Tanisha White claimed, she was tased in the eye after asking for a ride home from Winnfield police. White’s family and friends believe it to be a case of police brutality. 

“It’s been very difficult, this is something Tanisha’s going to have to deal with for the rest of her life,” Coleman said. 

Prior to Saturday’s march, NBC 10 had not heard from Winnfield police in regards to this matter. However, Police Chief Johnny Carpenter spoke with us Saturday and shared that he supports the community.

“I understand the frustration from the community, there are a lot of things going on throughout the country with police officers versus citizens and different things. I want to prove that we’re not part of that,” he asserted.

Coleman and supporters alike believe it’s not about the color of your skin, but the freedoms and the rights that every human being is promised.

“This is for humanity, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, this type of thing should not happen to anybody,” she said.

Christy Marshall, a supporter agreed with Coleman, “It doesn’t matter what right or wrong was done in the process of the officer’s arresting, no one deserves that type of brutality,” said Marshall.

They simply have one request, “The officer or whoever was involved, [to] no longer work in that police department or no longer work as a police officer,” said Coleman. 

Chief Carpenter indicated all anyone can do is wait for the results of the full investigation by Louisiana State Police.

“Stay strong believe in that the right thing is going to be done,” he said. 

Tanisha White’s family is open to any assistance that can help her case. The state police investigation can take weeks up  to months. 

Since the original report that you can find here the American Civil Liberties Union has filed an open records request into White’s alleged attacker. 

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