Shreveport women say Divine Intervention led to lost ring’s return

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(12/11/18) Amid busy holiday shopping along Youree Drive in Shreveport, two local women say a small miracle happened last week in the parking lot of J. C. Penney.

“My heart just stopped,” said Shirley Ross.

She found a sparkling diamond ring as she was getting out of her vehicle in the store’s parking lot. 

Ross thought of taking it to the store’s lost and found, but something inside told her she couldn’t. 

“As I looked at the ring, I said, ‘No, I can’t,’ I must pursue this,” said Ross. “I must find the owner of this ring.”

Earlier that day Shelley Wells took the ring off as she sat in her vehicle. She placed it in her lap to put on hand lotion and then got out of her car forgetting it was there. 

“It was my 20 year anniversary ring that my husband had given to me last year,” said Wells.

Once she realized it was missing, she searched the parking lot to no avail. She turned social media as a last option.

“That night I got into bed and I said, ‘OK, I’m going to post it on Facebook,” said Wells.

Her post went up at 10:19 p.m.

It asked people to keep an eye out and possibly connect her with anyone who may have found the ring.

Shirley doesn’t have a Facebook account, so she asked her daughter for help.

At 10:20 p.m. her Facebook post went up.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. The posts came one minute apart.

“God, he works in mysterious ways,” said Ross.

Shelley’s post was shared over 3,000 times.

“People would say, ‘I’ve shared’, and then ‘We’re praying’.” said Wells.

The prayers worked. By Friday Shelley had her ring back.

 “I just raised my hand in praise and I just thought isn’t this just wonderful,” said Ross.

But there’s another reason Shirley felt compelled.

Years ago she took off her wedding ring while parked in her car.  She too was putting lotion on her hands. And just like Shelley she got out of her car, forgetting the ring was there.

“I never found them,” said Ross. “No one ever returned them.” 

She feels the coincidences are too many and a higher power put her in this position.

“If we ask for God’s help, he will see us through,” said Ross. “And if we do what’s right, we’ll always be in the right. We’ll always be rewarded.” 

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