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Shooting victim's grave vandalized

BASTROP, La. - Two parents are already hurting from the heartbreaking loss of their oldest son.

"Angry I have a lot of mixed emotions I still do," says Ebony Jimmerson, mother of shooting victim.

"It was hard it's still hard just standing right here at the grave," says Lawrence McHenry, Father of shooting victim.

"It's hard to let go of my son that's my son I can't let him go I never will," says Lawrence McHenry, Father of shooting victim.

"We were both given an arm band that we were going to wear until he was released home," says Ebony Jimmerson.

Letting go is the hardest part.

"It's hard to let go of my son that's my son I can't let him go I never will," says Lawrence McHenry.

But on the day they had to bury their son Jarius, they say someone out there is determined to make their pain worse.

But less than 24 hours after putting Jarius to rest, the family says someone came to the grave site looking to do some serious damage and they had one spot in mind.

"I got a call about 9 o clock this morning, my sister was coming to say her goodbyes," says Ebony Jimmerson.

Ebony's sister had disturbing news. Jarius's grave had been vandalized.

"We just put him down on yesterday evening there was no way possible this could be in shreds and pieces from yesterday evening," says Ebony Jimmerson.

"Somebody had to intentionally rip these a part and stroll them all over the graveyard," says Ebony.

One feeling on the families minds was...

"Angry, it really makes me want to sit out here and watch him. Why? He's gone you can't do no more to him," says Lawrence.

"He struggled a long time I mean for over three months now it's time for him to rest and they won't let him rest," says Ebony.

His mother says his murder was a hit.

"He was testifying against an armed robbery. He was shot on Thursday and told he wouldn't make it to Monday to testify," says Ebony.

Ebony still has questions...

"How did this get out that he was gonna testify? This is something that ya'll keep confidential," says Ebony.

While they wait for the fate of the brothers accused of his murder, they have a message to the ones who did this...

"All I ask is for them to leave him alone," says Lawrence.

"He's already been taken from us; just let him rest," says Ebony. 

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