Shooting takes the life of a 16-year-old boy

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A  deadly shooting takes a life and rips a community a part.

“That was my first time seeing somebody die with my own eyes, ” witness Duane Clark said.

Witnesses say a fight in this neighborhood last week caused an altercation on Miliken Street. Guns went off and 16-year-old Junius Benton went down.

Residents in the neighborhood say the violence is something that’s been going on for three summers straight.

Witnesses say Junius was just a bystander when he was caught in the crossfire, shot in the chest, and later that night he died in the hospital.

The family now in pain.

“He aint nothing but 16 and they wrong ya’ll know ya’ll wrong,” his sister Deniscia Benton said.

“I have to bury my baby I hate this and Imiss him truly,” his father Dennis Benton said.

“It’s’s sad these babies killing babies,” his aunt Tomekia Benton.

Dennis Benton remembers the moments before he lost his son.

“We mowed the yard that was the last time i talked to my  baby my last time talking to my baby was in my front yard,” Dennis Benton.

Now he is left with the memory of his blood stained in the concrete.

A young man’s future cut short.

“All i can see is that smile from the day he was born up until the day he died I’m going to  always remember his smile,” Tomekia Benton said.

A community now in mourning, hoping the death of this young man will spark change.

“I don’t want see nobody else mama going through the same thing that we’re going through,” Dennis Benton said.

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