MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Several homes in the Walker Road Audubon Park Subdivision in the Ouachita Parish area have suffered severe damage due to the strong winds causing power outages throughout the night.

Most of the storm damage took place at Wheeler Drive where several trees are down.  

“My mom was actually watching my niece last night, and just minutes before the tree came through, she got out of there to the hallway safely and my grand-dad and everybody in the house with her.” Says one of the neighbors affected, Anthony Marshall.

Marshall says his mom called him on the phone immediately. He says he couldn’t believe the damage

“When she called me, I could feel the fear in her voice. So, my main thing was making sure that everybody was okay.” Says Marshall.

“And once I pulled over last night I couldn’t see the house, so it kind of just made it a little worse. Whenever I did get to the house, all I saw was the tree sitting on top of the house.“ Marshall added.  

But his mom’s home wasn’t the only house struck by the fallen trees. Their neighbor next door, who didn’t want to be on camera, says he was in the right room at the right time. 

Two trees fell on the roof inches away from falling in the middle of the roof preventing it from crushing it in half. 

The home across the street from the Marshalls also suffered severe damage from last night’s winds. The neighbor tells me he was watching TV when they went out of power, and then a tree hit his home.  

Marshall says there are still other neighbors in need of help.

“We’re trying to get in touch with the Police Jury to see if they can send some people out to help us. My neighbor next to me is an elderly and is in a wheelchair and he’s not able to move around that well, so.” Says Marshall. 

Neighbors say they’ll stay here until they get their power back.