Several campaign signs missing in El Dorado

Local News

2018 March 03

Bill Luther says his reason for running for el dorado mayor is quite simple.

“I’ve believed I can make a change and I can serve the people of El Dorado,” he said.

He says he hadn’t always planned to get campaign signs, but after so many people wanting to show their support, he went along with the idea.

But recently he noticed some of them started to disappear.

“I find it odd that someone would come take sign from someone else’s property.”

But he says he’s not really all that surprised.  

“This happens every election cycle,” he said. “I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I did want to document that it happened by filing a police report.”

But Luther says finding the culprit is something that is the most complicated, but he says whoever it is, they need to know that it’s a consequence behind it.

“People probably aren’t doing it maliciously, but I doubt that they realize it’s a class a misdemeanor.”

And even though some of his signs are uprooting–he’s looking forward to his campaign journey.

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