Senator Cassidy speaks on his battle with COVID-19; President Trump’s medications explained

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MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Senator Bill Cassidy tested positive for COVID-19 a little over a month ago and says he’s still dealing with the reprecussions of the virus.

“It’s helped me understand why people and coronavirus losing community through church or whatever have really had higher incidents of domestic violence, drug abuse. All these things that are so important. I have more insight into why that might be after experiencing it myself,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, (R) LA.

And Cassidy’s response to testing positive while in a role of public authority?

“You provide an example. I do think that if you’re so blessed to be in a position of public authority then by golly you better walk the talk,” said Cassidy.

But Cassidy also commented on President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 and his recent return to the white house.

“Apparently they were checking him for the virus every day and they were able to establish he no longer had a virus and which is to say he can no longer infect other people,” said Cassidy.

While President Trump was at Walter Reed Medical Center, his doctors said they gave him three medications, Remdesivir which is an anti-viral.

“The caveat the Remdesivir is that it has to be given early on and can only be given to patients who are requiring oxygen,” said John Bruchhaus, Co-ICU Director at St. Francis Medical Center.

Dexamethasone which helps suppress the immune system and inflammatory response. Lastly, a medication from Regeneron.

“What they do is look at patients who’ve had the disease and collect their blood and find out what antibodies that the human immune system is used to fight the infection and then they reproduce that antibody and give it to patients,” said Bruchhaus.

As the White House continues to monitor the President’s health, Senator Cassidy say’s it’s important to recognize that the White House is the center point of the country and there is a heightened level of responsibility when it comes to the President.

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