Search for Superintendent of Morehouse Parish schools reaches the final four.

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In just two days the board will interview the final four in the running to be the next Superintendent of Morehouse Parish schools. 

But people in the community still aren’t sure they’ll have a say in who it is–

One suggesting they go to court, to stop the  vote.

Concerned residents say the time is now.

“I do not believe in procrastination. Trouble with morehouse parish is we’re all procrastinators” says Dean Blackett.

They say it’s now or never–the time to make an impact on what happens in the classroom and ultimately their community.

Pastor Charles Bradford says, “We should all be a part of the process.”

“Children are so important they’re our future and we have to help,” says Tochi Briscoe.

With a decision on a  new superintendent  coming soon–they want their voices heard.

“I think a lot of parents are concerned but they don’t feel like they have a voice,” says Tochi Briscoe.

And Pastor Charles Bradford says, “It’s time to get someone solid someone that understands and feels the community.”

“I would like to see that all the resumes get published in the paper so that everybody can see the resumes.” says Dean Blackett.

Concetta McNeal says, “Folk knowing that you can make a difference and a difference will be made.”

As of right now the school board plans to interview the final four candidates on Wednesday.

And choose its superintendent shortly afterward.

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