When people in West Monroe think of creepy crawlers they have to look out for in their homes the list is pretty short.
“Ants, spiders just your normal household pests,” Resident Curnel Doyle said.
Meanwhile there’s something else lurking in the shadows.
Scorpions, once thought of as a west coast problem,  have made their way to Northeast Louisiana.
Hank Anderson, of Anderson Pest control, says he’s very familiar with this problem.
“The one we have most common species here in Louisiana is the Striped Bark Scorpion and we’re starting to see a lot more of them and getting more calls on them everyday,” he said.
Anderson says their venom isn’t fatal but it certainly is painful.
“I’ve known people that’s been stung didn’t even realize they were stung by them they’re not that big of a threat but most of the time you’re going to know it’s just enough pain that you’re going to recognize it.”
According to Abbott the pain matched that of a bee sting, but after doctors ran some tests they came to another conclusion.
“The doctor walked in like three different times kept shaking his head cleaning my foot shaking his head he goes girl you got scorpion bites and you got three stings not just one or two it’s three,” she said.
Now the question is how do you know if they are in your house before they bite?
Anderson says Stripe Bark Scorpions have earned the name because they love the wood. Little dark corners in your home are the perfect places for these predators to blend in and hide.
Now there’s a warning for residents to keep their heads on a swivel.

“it’s still going to hurt either way and if they’re putting out poison yea we need to take serious precaution for that,” Doyle said.

“You don’t want to get stung it’s worse than a bee sting or a wasp sting so I think the public needs to be aware that North Louisiana does have scorpions.” Abbott said.