SACC welcomes new advanced manufacturing training facility to east campus

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2018 June 20

Every time Crystal Loomis flips the switch; she’s entering into the world of technical training.

A former member of the U.S. Navy, her background led her here to the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center at South Arkansas Community College.

“I used to work with ballistic missiles,” said Crystal Loomis, Student. “That doesn’t really translate when you enter the civilian workforce.”

Working with pumps and valves are her forte, making her transition into her process technology degree a breeze.

She says hands-on training is a must.

“To get actual hands-on training on these components really gives us a better shot at a safer more productive work environment,” said Loomis.

The brand new Charles A. Hays Advanced Manufacturing Training Center on South Arkansas Community College’s East Campus is opening its doors creating a new pathway for students in this career field.

“The steam comes through this tube right here,” said David Carty, Director of Process Technology. ” We have a mechanical pressure gage.”

David Carty says these programs are a clear pipe line into jobs in the industry.

“We’re basically training on the generic equipment that’s used in all of these process industries,” he said.

Two years worth of training leads students to jobs sometimes paying at least 18 dollars an hour.

“These companies really need these employees badly,” said Carty. “They’ve got people with my color hair which is gray. I don’t know if you can even see it anymore, but they’re retiring and so forth and they want to pass on their old skills.”

Crystal is eager to get started in the new facility.

She knows it will take her career to great lengths and beyond.

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