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RUSTON, La. (5/1/19)– Much of Ruston is still in ruins.

From businesses to homes, the damage is substantial.

Nearly a week after the deadly tornado ripped through the city, building inspections are on going to determine dangerous structures.

   “Going door to door to inspect every building in the affected areas looking for safety and damages that relate to each individual structure,” said Bill Sanderson, building official for the city of Ruston.

Inspectors are going through the entire area with a fine-tooth comb, making sure the homes and businesses that are damaged are safe for people.

   “We were looking for damages to the electrical system, the gas metering equipment and also to look at the structure to see if it was safe for occupancy,” said Sanderson.

Louisiana’s Fire Marshall’s Office also working in the effort to get businesses back up and running as soon as possible.

   “We actively have our plan review team on the ground here in Ruston, Louisiana, helping with emergency planning reviews to get them back open. We have buildings going back up, repairs happening to buildings as we speak right now,” said Captain Rusty Edwards with Louisiana’s Fire Marshall’s Office.

So far, the inspection team has reviewed hundreds of homes and buildings, they have about 500 more to go.

It’s going to take months to get some of these structures repaired and the price tag isn’t cheap.

“Damages here are going to well exceed 100 million dollars,” said Sanderson.

If you are want to get your business or residence inspected, go to Ruston’s public works building to submit a request.

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