Ruston Marketplace will cost the city $6.4 Million, but it’s already covered

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Ruston will put forth $6.4 million dollars for infrastructure improvements. Mayor Ronny Walker tells me the work not only is needed, it’s already covered.

Janet Maxwell has called Ruston home for more  30 years and she says she’s never seen it as successful as it is now.  
“Ruston is awesome right now, there’s so much going on and you can see how beautiful it is right now,” said Maxwell.

It will soon be home to Ruston Marketplace with stores like TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby and Ulta. Maxwell says she couldn’t be happier.

Mayor Walker says it’s buying much needed improvements. 

“We needed a turning lane for the school traffic that goes down the service road. The big hill that needs to be cut down just like it was on the other side of the interstate in front of Temple Baptist, we’re cutting that down. We’re doing some sewer and water improvements that had to be done for something like that to come in anyways,” he said.

So where does that 6.4 million dollars come from? Walker says, it’s already covered.

“It comes from our general budget. We have two different sales taxes in our general budget that we use for projects like this and so it will come from that.”

Maxwell says she sees no problem with that.

“No it’s so worth it, it is so worth it, we don’t mind that at all,” she said.

A TIF tax will pay Ruston back. Shoppers at Ruston Marketplace will pay a half-percent higher sales tax. Mayor walker says the sales will generate a million dollars a year for Ruston alone and pay back the $6.4 million dollars in six years. 

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