Ruston man accused of obscenity outside apartments

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Catherine Riyan Roberson says she was having a rather normal Saturday. She had just laid her 4-month-old daughter Carly down for a nap, and she was taking a smoke break. 

“When you feel so vulnerable when you’re trying to protect your child, it’s scary,” she recalled. 

Roberson shared that a stranger had approached her while she was smoking and she was fearful. “At that point, I don’t know if anyone saw what was going on, I’m not sure but it felt like it was just me and him and my daughter,” she said. 

That stranger has now been identified as Derrick Robinson. She says at first she didn’t think anything of him, she thought he was simply being flirty. So she ignored him and went back inside her home. 

Once she thought the coast was clear she returned outside to finish her cigarette. That is when she said Robinson whipped out his private parts. 

“Out of my peripheral I see a stream and I look over, he’s looking right at me and he is peeing; everything out, boxers and pants down,” and that wasn’t all, “He was pouring a jug of water on his genitals as if he was washing it,” Roberson said. 

At that moment, she went back inside and called the police. However, there is more. Roberson said Robinson began to bang loudly on her door. 

“It was just a hard, hollow hit, like boom, boom, boom,” she said as she recollected the sounds. 

Her priority at this time was to protect her daughter Carly. She wants this entire ordeal to be a lesson to others. 

“I want women to know that situations where you feel uncomfortable you need to get away from it, don’t try to linger around don’t try to hand around and think oh it’s probably nothing because it could be.”


ORIGINAL POST (8/13/18) A Ruston man is in jail, accused of ‘whipping it out’ in public.

According to a witness, Derrick Robinson approached her at her home near some Ruston apartments.

After asking him to leave her alone, the witness says she went inside and locked the door.

After a time, the witness went back outside and saw Robinson pull his privates out and start urinating in front of her.

The witness said after he finished urinating, he stripped naked and started washing himself as she called the police.

Robinson has been booked into the Lincoln Parish Detention Center on charges of disturbing the peace and obscenity.

KTVE/KARD’s Chelsea Jones is in Ruston gathering more details on this incident.
We will have a full story on this tonight on FOX 14 News at 9 and NBC 10 NEWS at 10.

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