Tuesday in Ruston a man was accused of breaking into a home, then trying to sexually assault a woman in front of her children.

Self-defense instructor Jason Wegener said we can be at our most vulnerable state, in the comfort of our homes.

“Home invasion is such a scary threat because all of the traditional things people of think of– whether it’s carrying a concealed weapon or carrying pepper spray or none of that, when we’re at our home, our guards tend to be down,” he said.

Wegener told us it’s essential for everyone to take preventative measures on a daily basis.

“Locking our doors, keeping exterior lights on and having that relationship with our neighbors so people know when something looks amiss,” he added.

But if you find yourself in a dangerous situation–you have two choices.

“It’s almost like when you watch a scary movie and you think, ‘No, go out the door’, but that’s really what we want to think of,” he said. “If someone comes in your house it’s two quick choices– can I get to a weapon to protect myself and if not, can I get out of my house.”

Wegener showed us some simple self defense moves you can take with you everywhere.

“It’s kind of the foundation for everything,” he said. “The motion is like this. Someone’s grabbing you by the throat, it’s swim. Somebody’s grabbing you by the arm, it’s swim.”

He added that anyone can be victim to assault.

“We know that assault victims can be young, they can be old,” he said. “They can be male or female, they can have kids, they can be single. So the important thing is for everybody to remain vigilant and take the proper precaution to keep themselves and their families safe.”

Wegener lastly said, it’s most important to fight back and be prepared for the unexpected.