RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) — A Ruston High School junior, Jodi Dunbar, received a perfect score on her ACT after only missing three questions on the exam. Dunbar took the ACT last June and received a 34, but she was surprised to discover that she got a perfect score this time around.

What I watched her do throughout all the different practices is she would focus on the one or two she got wrong; Figure out how to fix it and do better on it the next time. I think her humility is something that is just really striking.”

Emily Howell, ELA facilitator of Lincoln Parish Schools and teacher

Dunbar explained that many Ruston High School teachers offer a three-week curriculum that helps students learn how to solve ACT problems before taking the test. Dunbar was given ACT prep books from counselors to help her prepare and practice at home. 

Dunbar was inspired by a school counselor, Diana Humphries, to take the ACT one more time. Another motivator for Dunbar was her brother, Trey Evans, who scored a 32 when he was in high school. 

So many people, like I said all of my teachers have done a really good job with focusing on ACT prep and multiple-choice prep in general and that’s been pretty helpful. My parents have always really encouraged me to take education seriously. My brother scored a 32 on the ACT and it was always a pretty big goal to beat him.

Jodi Dunbar, Junior at Ruston High School

Dunbar currently tutors other students ranging from fifth grade to high school juniors in math. From dual enrollment to AP courses to honors classes, Dunbar takes any class that keeps her learning. After high school, Dunbar plans to major in biology and one day enter the medical field to become a doctor. 

Anybody can do it even when you don’t think you can I didn’t even think i was going to be here so just believe in yourself and have hope, I guess.

Jodi Dunbar

The principal says they are proud of all of the students, and they try to remind them not to stress while taking these types of tests.

We just try to stress to them don’t stress over it. Do what you normally do you know get a good night sleep eat a good breakfast you’re prepared for it. Just go in there and do the best you can. I’m super excited for all of them to be honest with you…we’re excited for the kids that make an 18 just as much. It is something special when somebody makes a 36.”

Dan Gressett, Ruston High School Principal

Gressett says there are over 20 students in the junior class that have scored a 30 or higher on their ACT.