ODESA, Ukr (KTVE/KARD)- The Ukrainian military said the city of Odesa was struck by two Russian cruise missiles today causing several casualties and deaths. This is the first strike on this city in the south of Ukraine in nearly three weeks.

The alert to seek shelter went out to residents of Odesa just before two o’clock by 2:30, they heard a series of low level booms and then one loud explosion. The Ukrainian military said they did manage to intercept two Russian cruise missiles and two drones which they said they believed were missile guiding drones used to evade the air defense system.

Two of those missiles got through – one striking a military facility, the other two apartment buildings and setting a number of cars on fire. Today the president’s office said that five people have been killed in this strike among them – a three-month-old child and that eighteen are injured.

It comes just one day after the Russian defense ministry said that their long term goal in Ukraine was to control all of southern Ukraine including the city of Odessa.