Revitalizing Midtown Monroe: Spartan Adventure Park set to hire 60 employees

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If you’ve visited the Twin City Shopping Center lately, you’ve noticed things are different. 

“In the last two years, the biggest things we have had around golf in here is Tiger Woods bringing all kind of activity back to the game of golf, and Everett Stagg who just bought this shopping center and is redoing the whole thing,” said local business owner Buddy Fisher.

Fisher and his wife Janet own Cajun Made —  it’s the only maw and paw golf shop in the region. 
For thirty-one years he’s been helping people tee off from the heart of Louisville Avenue. 

“I originated off of 6th and Louisville, I wasn’t there 90 days. From there I went inside the mall. I was there less than three months and they shut the mall down and then I moved up here on the front and I’ve been here ever since.”

He’s done it all through years, even designing a custom golf bag for former President George Bush. 

“It was hard to bring folks off the road to a little old golf shop, so I had to create my own traffic,” said Fisher.

The answer to his problem — new management and the Spartan Adventure Park. 

“We have put a new roof over the place, we have redone the parking lot completely. We finished the outside of the whole shopping center from left to right. When you come out to Twin City Shopping Center it’s a brand new place,” said general manager Josh Hobson. 

The inside of the building looks completely different from the last time we checked in back in December. 
While it may appear to be out with the old and in with new — that’s not the case. 
Get ready for the return of the signature drink from Orange Julius. 

“We’re going to bring back some of the concepts that were here. We really hope that people can come in and relive and feel that we’ve connected the old Twin City Shopping Center into what it is today,” said Hobson. 

The Spartan Adventure Park will host a job fair Saturday, April 20th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the store location on Louisville Avenue. They hiring are looking to fill 60 part-time and full time positions. 

The grand opening is set for Friday May 17th. 

A big box retailer is also coming to the Twin City Shopping Center. We’ll be the first to let you who it is. 

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