Revisions of state CBD laws will restrict sales to certain retailers

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(3/26/19) Cannabidiol, or CBD is becoming more popular across the country due to its effect on ailments. It comes in many forms, and can be found pretty easily across Louisiana and Arkansas. But recent revisions in state laws regarding CBD products will ban certain retailers from selling it. 

The Louisiana Drug Policy Board is currently reviewing the laws that allow retailers to sell CBD products. They have urged those who are selling CBD products to remove them off their shelves immediately, or they could be subject to citations. But there is a twist.

This will only go for retailers selling the products that also have an alcohol or tobacco license. So vape shops, gas stations or any other locations that fall under that category will have to stop selling their products.

But there is good news for those who use CBD products frequently. There are some locations that do still CBD products, despite the ban.

Once the laws are reviewed sufficiently for a resolution, the ban can be lifted, and sales can go on as before. However, it is unclear at this time when the resolution will be reached.

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