Restaurants open Christmas day that are ready to serve your family

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WEST MONROE, La (12/24/19) — If you’re looking for somewhere to eat on Christmas day, you might have to limit yourself because your favorite restaurant could be closed.

After the presents are opened and the family winds down, it’s time to eat some food. If you’re tired of the holiday cooking, you only have a limited number of choices.

Local restaurants like IHOP, Waffle House, Hibachi Grill Sushi, and Buffet, McDonalds, and Eastern Chinese Restaurant will be open Christmas day.

“Every year we’re always open on Christmas. It’s like–It’s almost like a tradition cause nobody’s open, so we just stay open and bring in more business,” said David Huang, son of the owners of Eastern Chinese Restaurant.

They’re ready to serve families on Christmas and give them a place be with family while eating good food.

“Some people are just tired of Christmas food. Turkey, dressing, all that, so they just want Chinese food. So they come in here and get some more food,” said Huang.

Those aren’t the only food shops that are open Christmas day.

If you’re looking for something to do with the whole family that’s different than eating at a restaurant. The Tinseltown Theater in West Monroe has plenty of showtimes and will be open on Christmas Day.

Although the movie theater isn’t a restaurant, they do have a selection of food that’s set to fill any hungry belly after opening all those presents.

Empty parking lots and closed signs will take over the town, but as soon as Christmas is over, parking lots will be full of cars and open signs will light up as restaurants are ready to serve families once the holiday ends.

The restaurants listed above have normal operating hours. Mcdonalds will be open after 3 p.m.

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