Residents respond to increasing crime in Morehouse Parish

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Morehouse Parish residents remember a day when crime wasn’t such a big deal, but today they realize it’s a whole different narrative.

“It’s so horrible, but I don’t like them stealing or killing or any of that,” said 6-year-old Kylia Lemmon. 

Kids, parents and grandparents alike agree that crime has gotten really bad in the parish in the last few years.

“[I’m] scared for my grandkids and scared for my kids, I mean it’s scary,” said grandmother Brandy Vercher.

Vercher is from Texas, she moved to Bastrop ten years ago. She explained that she didn’t expect to have to worry about her safety. 

“Crime is bad here to be a small town in comparison to there. It’s really not that much different and over the last few years, it seems like it’s getting worse,” she said. 

Mahogany Hatfield has lived in Morehouse Parish her entire life. She believes that crime has definitely increased. However, she also thinks crime in the parish is no different than crime anywhere else. 

“It’s just with social media and different things like that you’re finding out about it quicker and it’s spread more easily,” she said. 

Both Vercher and Hatfield agree police are doing their jobs, but they think more can be done. Vercher revealed that a special task force dedicated to solving crimes in Morehouse Parish could be a solution in helping to decrease crime. 

Hatfield said there’s a lot of unsolved crimes in the parish and maybe more staff could help with crime. 

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