Residents in West Carroll Parish are reaching out for drainage help

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WEST CARROLL, La (01/14/20) — After the rain, water in big colewa creek in West Carroll Parish began to rise and flood its neighboring towns, but this isn’t the first time the town of Goodwill has flooded.

“It was my granddaddy’s place. I grew up here, I lived over here a long time. It’s always flooded in high water. I don’t think it’s ever been this bad, seems like it’s getting worse every year,” said Joey Anders, Goodwill Resident.

When the rain stopped, flood levels rose to almost 22 inches in some part of the neighborhood, now a few days later, residents are still having to drive ATV’s and boats just to get to the main road.

Even though the rain stopped, they’re still trying to get the water levels down.

“We’ve got three pumps running keeping the water out of our house. We’ve got sandbags around it, poly pipes around it, but we’ve got water inside the home,” said Bert Neal, Goodwill Resident.

After years of floods, residents are reaching out for help.

“We have spoken to our police juryman and we would appreciate if he would come out and speak with us so we can explain. So we can get his side and he can hear our side too,” said Neal.

They even made a Facebook group that has over 500 members of concerned citizens. The link to that is here.

“I don’t know what the problem is, but I think we need to get more people involved and show a little more concern and let’s see what we can do about it,” said Anders.

Their hope is that they can raise awareness to fix the drainage problem so flooding is less likely to happen every time it rains.

Residents are hoping the water recedes enough before it rains again next week and adds to the water levels they already have.

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