MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — For residents off of Pope Street in Monroe, the day started with three big trees blocking both directions of the Road.

Trees were gutted, powerlines were down, and even a brick wall was blown through.
“I had never witnessed the high winds, it really scared me, and to see the trees tumble it was really scary for me. I really thought it hit the roof of the house because it was such a large crash. Thank God it wasn’t.”

Vincent Dorris, Monroe Resident

As the rain cleared, the tools came out, and the community stood as one.

“We started at about 1 o clock in our own neighborhood over in the West Highland area, and we started going down the street. Wherever we found another tree, we went to that place next and that place next just asking folks if they needed help,” said West Monroe resident Tommy Perkins.

He believes it didn’t matter where you were from to come together for the common good, “To have a year like this, it just shows us the importance of what it is to live in a community, he said.

Some residents cleared the streets with their own hands, others used their hands to fire up the grill to feed the masses.

“I tell you what, we could smell it while we were cutting the trees away and talk about catching that second wind.”

Tommy Perkins, West Monroe Resident

Above all residents say, it could’ve been a lot worse and they’re thankful the day didn’t end in tragedy.