Residents concerned with major tree damage after storms

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Big trees are starting to equal big problems for people in the city of Monroe.

Heavy storms knocked over some of these large trees  causing chaos overnight in these neighborhoods. 

 Jennifer Sheffield says the city is lucky no one was killed.

“It could’ve been much much worse and we always assumed that this tree because we knew it would fall that’s why we complained to the city so many times and we were fearful that the tree would cut our house in half,” she said.

Sheffield says she complained to the city about these types of trees all over Monroe.
“I see several more dead trees that are actually on city property it’s not on private property as this tree we can all see was on the city’s property,” Sheffield said.
However, it’s not quite that simple. Some of these trees may be considered private property making it harder  for the city to just cut them down. 
The tree has to be on or fall on the city’s right of way which can vary from street to street. 
City officials say it’s very important that residents report trees like this  before severe weather happens. Re-growth and falling tree limbs  are signs that a tree is dying and could be dangerous during a storm.
Janway stresses the importance of help from the residents in tracking these trees down before they can do damage.
“It’s very important because what we do is every time that we have a request to look at a tree we have a work order system where we track those requests and then we can follow back up on them.” 

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