Residents call for resignation of OPPJ VP Jack Clampit after “Choot em” Facebook post

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MONROE, La. (06/01/2020) — With the demonstrations happening worldwide a Facebook post made by Vice President of the Ouachita Parish Police Jury, Jack Clampit, ignited a protest in Monroe.

“I felt like he declared war on me because I was apart of those peaceful protests on yesterday. For me I felt like he gave the green flag for people to go out and do what it is that they take pride in doing, which is shooting black men,” said District B resident Elijah Brass.

Parish residents are calling for immediate action. They want the next meeting to be held outside so that more people can attend and voice their concerns without social distancing pressures of 25% capacity. They also wanted Clampit to resign and understand the gravity of his statement.

“As a black man that hurt to know my leadership looks at me as a thug.”

Trendon Welch, Concerned Citizen

“Reporter: At the end of the day you said that he is representative of all of you. And I’m going to ask the same question to all your jurors, but you said he is an extension of each and every one of you, so how do you feel about what he did and what should be done? Because that question, unfortunately, is not being answered.

Robinson: He should answer the people that will ask him that question.

Scotty Robinson, Police Juror District A

“Tonight I condemn the words that were given by my colleague.”

Michael Thompson, Police Juror District D

“I can’t tell him what to do, I can’t tell him how to do it but I pray that he makes the right decision.”

Lonnie Hudson, Police Juror District F

“I think that we as a community have taken what I would call a setback, but I don’t think we as a community will be set back.”

Larry Bratton, Police Juror District C

However, residents say it’s not enough. One said, “You’re supposed to be for the people, clearly you are against the people.”

Someone else responding saying, “Make an apology, a sincere apology.”

The police jury can’t force him to resign.

“It may get worse before it gets better, I certainly hope not,” said Police Jury President Shane Smiley.

Demonstrators are asking for people in all communities for help.

“I know we’re young, I know we’re loud, but stand with us,” said Trendon Welch.

We asked Clampit comment on this matter he declined and said he would release a statement Tuesday.

“Once we get that response, I think collectively we will not be responding emotionally, but we will be responding tactically,” Elijah Brass said.

Clampit has a history of making offensive remarks. Back in 2018, he posted an Islamaphobic meme to his social media. It sparked similar outrage but as you’ve heard people are fed up and they’re ready to see some consequences.

We will update this article as more details are released.

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