MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Repairs and upkeep for the Pedestrian Bridge are on the agenda this week for the Monroe City Council. Local resident Natechia Kyles recalls tragedies near the bridge and says that the repairs for this bridge are desperately needed.

Monroe resident Natechia Kyles says, “I remember when a boy got hit by a car on that bridge, and I remember another boy was riding a bicycle and he got hit up on the bicycle and it was a hit and run.”

The city of Monroe is planning to spend nearly 400-hundred-thousand dollars to repair the Pedestrian Bridge. Natechia says that the lack of lights and work done on the bridge makes it dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

“You can barely see coming across there. I could barely see, sometimes I have to put my lights on beam just to see to go across,” says Kyles.

The city plans to have the bridge in better condition by the end of the year, Natechia says that improving the bridge will possibly keep children safe from ongoing traffic.

Kyles also told us, “A lot of them [children] a lot of them be having bicycles, the kids and they be riding them bikes under the bridge and that’s why a lot of them get hit. they don’t want to take that bike up them steps.”

The Monroe City Council is scheduled to discuss further action for the repairs of the bridge soon.