(2/15/2018) You may have driven or walked by Renwick Street in Monroe, just like Edward Driser has.

“Over the bridge one time,” he said. “All those other times I just got to the red light and cross through.”

He said one thing is clear– the overpass is an eyesore. 

“It look bad and spending money on that is a waste of time,” Driser added.

Yet, spending money on it is what the Southside Economic Development District is planning to do. 

SEDD Director Charles Theus said it’s part of a plan to beautify and revitalize the area.

“We want to enhance and replace outdated infrastructure to update that and make it more modern to attract businesses to the area,” Theus said.

Yet, it could cost up to a quarter million dollars.

Some community members think renovating this walkway is a step in the wrong direction, and that the SEDD can spend their money in better ways.

“As far as them talking about fixin’ it, I say tear it down. It serves no purpose and that money can be used elsewhere,” Driser added.

“We’re doing this as a project that can kick start economic development on the Southside, so I don’t think you can put a price tag on that,” Theus added.

He wants to reassure residents that the bridge will be completely refurbished and he’s committed to cleaning up the area.

“We’re gonna make a true investment into the Southside of Monroe and the people who don’t wanna see that happen, that’s tough because it’s gonna happen,” Theus said.

The project is still in it’s early stages.

Theus said the funding could come from tax dollars, federal help and private investments. 

He hopes this specific project will be finished by the end of the year.