Remembering the true meaning of Memorial Day

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CALHOUN, La. (05/25/2020) — Many people use Memorial Day to head to the beaches or pull out the grill, but not the Tuttles.

“We grill out during the winter, we grill out for Valentine’s Day, people tend to forget today is a day to celebrate those who have passed away during active duty.”

Lynne Tuttle

Jordan Tuttle was killed back in 2010 while serving in Iraq, and the pain is something his family has learned to cope with, but something they’ll never get past.

“It’s just really difficult, it is, it really is. It’s hard to put into words what you go through when something like that happens. It’s the most unimaginable pain I think any human being would want to experience.”

Brian & Lynne Tuttle

However, from immediate to extended family, Jordan’s memory lives.

“His brothers and sisters are [really] close even now, they’ll put in pictures of Jordan on Facebook of how we miss him and stuff,” said Jordan’s father Brian Tuttle.

So the family decided to plant a tree in his honor.

“We wanted to do something special, so Brian communicated with Annette, Jordan’s biological mother, and Myron, which is his stepfather. We all decided that this would be a pretty nifty thing to put up,” said Jordan’s stepmother Lynne Tuttle.

Many may lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday but the Tuttle’s hope you never forget.

“Say a prayer, light a candle, have a private thought,” Lynne said, to honor those, who paid and continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Jordan Tuttle was a member of the United States Army. His parents say COVID-19 didn’t change a thing when it came to coming out and paying their respect.

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