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What to do if you encounter an active shooter

West Monroe, LA – (08/14/19) August’s shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH have the nation on edge, many asking what they should do if they see a person with a gun. We reached out to Chris Place, owner of The Weapons Place in West Monroe. Place offers conceal carry classes and gun education to the public.
“We are in an open carry state, so that means people are allowed to open carry their fire arms, but that doesn’t mean in their hands.”
In El Paso, the gunman carried his weapon through the parking lot, decked out in protective eye and ear gear. Place says that’s a red flag.
“That is not something that a reasonable person would see or a reasonable person would look at and expect to be normal.”
Place says every active shooter situation is different, so it’s very important to make sure you assess the situation before engaging anyone with a gun.
“Before someone would take deadly action against someone like that, they would really have to have a reason to believe that violence is about to happen.”
Place says the old addage holds true; if you see something, say something.
“If they were to start giving verbal commands, start alerting anybody they could see around, a police officer, a security guard, that would be my recommendation at this point.”
Another thing that could save lives is something Place calls “skipping the denial.”
“React like it’s real and then hope for the best that it’s not.”
Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi are all open carry states, but there are laws for how you carry: your gun must be holstered.
“Once it’s taken out of the holster, or it’s put into that hands to be displayed by someone, it’s committing an actual crime,” says Place.
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