PROM: Ruston organization is connecting teens with discounted prom dresses

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RUSTON, La (08/20/19)–Though school has just started, prom is already on the minds of high school girls and parents. Finding the perfect dress is important, but it could break the bank. Luckily a Ruston organization, White Oak Venue, has found a way to sell nice dresses for a much cheaper price.

Prom is a special day and a special experience. From nails, makeup, and hair, to the perfect dress.

“So the main thing for me when prom dress shopping, is finding something that I love and that’s affordable,” said Madison Soto, Volleyball player at Ruston High School.

Once a girl gets her eyes set on a dress, it’s hard to see it ripped away because of the price tag.

‘It gives girls an opportunity for those who can’t spend the money or don’t want to spend the money, to come and find beautiful things for a much lesser cost,” said Allison Brister, Owner of White Oak Venue.

Local residents supplied all the dresses available. Sparkly, solid, bold, long, and short, white oak has it all.

“We have tons of dresses, all different styles and prom next year. It’s a great way to go ahead and get your prom dress and save hundred of dollars,” said Brister.

The event opens Wednesday and will continue through Saturday. To get in will cost you $10.


“Saturday we are doing a half off sale, which means anything written in red is half off on Saturday,” said Brister.

The Ruston High School Volleyball Team even pitched in to help.

“It’s something that is so easy to do, just to encourage a girl and help her find the perfect dress,” said Maggie Ambrose, Volleyball Player at Ruston High School.

To boys this all might seem silly, but to girls it’s about being confident and rocking the dress.

“Alot of girls struggle with insecurities, so a pretty dress could just help them feel beautiful,” said Ellie Inman, Volleyball Player at Ruston High School.

Giving parents the chance to relax and let their girl have fun.

“For moms it is very difficult to go shopping with a teenager and here it’s going to be fun and their have kids their age helping them,” said Brister.

The people who sold their dresses will get 75 percent of the profit once their dress is sold. As of earlier today there were around 40 prom dresses- 60 homecoming dresses and even a few wedding dress.

Location: White Oak Venue, 515 HWY 3072, Ruston La

Wednesday: 5 P.M. – 8 P.M.

Thursday: 2 P.M. – 7 P.M.

Friday: 2 P.M. – 7 P.M.

Saturday: 9 A.M. – 1 P.M.

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