Project Reboot: Healing those suffering from trauma

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Cecily Moody says, being a mother is one of the greatest gifts in the world.

“He gave me two on the same day, but sadly you’re the one that could not stay,” she read.

However,  when you lose a gift it can be one of the hardest things in your world.

“Losing my daughter, she was 57 days old and I lost her in a car crash on July 11, 2018,” Moody said.

Kalani Rose Noelle’ Moody is her name. Moody says losing her doesn’t get any easier, but Project Reboot is helping her and her family cope. 

“It’s eating you up, you’re not letting it out. By me being able to talk about it and let it out is relieving some of that pain that I have inside,” said Moody.

Project Reboot U.S.A. allows participants to bond with horses like Eli and learn coping mechanisms they can take with them back to real life.

“Put an end to this issue and problem of soldiers, veterans coming home and having to live a life with their trauma,” said Founder Johnny Urrutia.

The program isn’t only for veterans. 

“For every one military affiliate, affiliated person to commit suicide there are four civilians,” said Urrutia.

Loss is something most can never prepare for, but Moody says the skills she’s learned at project reboot, she’ll take with her forever more.

“Don’t be afraid, take that chance and if you come to this reboot it will help you, it’s no doubt about it.”

Project Reboot was hosted at The Owl Center in Dubach. You can find more information here or here. For more information on Project Reboot U.S.A. click here

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