Probable cause affidavit details the night an SAU student was killed on campus

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MAGNOLIA, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — Details have now been made public regarding the shooting death of 21-year-old Joshua Keshun Smith on August 11, hours before the start of the first day of classes at Southern Arkansas University-Magnolia.

According to the seven-page affidavit, Smith’s shooting death stemmed from a prearranged drug deal that was made through Snapchat. That document details statements from witnesses, victims and the suspects in addition to surveillance video that was obtained by police.

The four suspects consisted of three students: Odies Wilson, Le’Kamerin (Kam) Tolbert, Shaivonn (Shakey) Robinson and one non-student from Little Rock, Quincy Isaiah Lewis. They were arrested on August 14, and charged with capital murder

The affadivit states that Sergeatnt Bret McMahen with the SAU University Police Department received a call on August 11 of a shots fired call with injuries. A patrol officer found Lucas Sharp, front seat passenger, with a gunshot wound and also found Smith, the driver, deceased.

Alex Copeland, uninjured, was one the witnesses who provided statements to police. According to Copeland, he and Sharp agreed to ride with Smith to sale marijuana to an unknown buyer who was communicating with Smith about the sale on Snapchat.

Later, they all met in the Reynold parkng lot on campus to meet the with the unknown buyer who was standing in the northern end of the parking lot and at one time told Smith,”I’m over here, see me waving?”

Smith saw him and drove to where he was in the parking lot. Copeland, backseat passenger, says the unknown buyer got into the backseat of their car, inspected the marijuana and then told Smith, “I didn’t bring my money because I was afraid you were going to rip me off, I just have to go get it.”

Copeland recalled the buyer being a black man with “dread type hair and some scruff on his face” wearing a dark hoodie and shorts.

The buyer got out of the car and another individual runs up to the driver’s window and starts shooting, striking Smith and front seat passenger, Lucas Sharp.

Smith then places the car in reverse, speeds backwards, strikes a light pole and then the car comes to a stop. Copeland jumps out of the car and begins running towards the art building.

As he crossed the road, he turns and sees Sharp coming up behind him. He realized Sharp was in “bad shape” and called his friends and roommates telling them about the shooting and his belief that Smith might be dead.

Investigators were then made aware of two witnesses that saw some of the incidents. According to the affadavit, the witnesses were sitting in the car in the parking lot beside a large pickup truck when another car pulled up nearby.

The truck blocked their view of the victim’s car. They did see two individuals crouching beside a vehicle. One of the witnesses wondered what they were doing and thought the individuals were playing tricks on friends and dismissed it.

A short time later, one of the witnesses saw an individual walk past the rear of the car. They then heard a series of gunshots. The witnesses say they then saw the car that pulled up the lot speed backwards and hit a pole.

According to the affidavit, the witnesses then left the scene. As they were driving away a white male, Alex Copeland, ran in front of the car causing the driver to brake to avoid hitting Copeland.

These witnesses drove around the campus before returning to the scene and finding law enforcement there. That’s when they say they felt the need to tell what they saw.

Investigators reviewed surveillance footage from several camera angles to find evidence and identify the suspects.

They found a vehicle suspected to have transported the suspects to the lot. The vehicle was later identified to be owned and driven by Odies Wilson, student at SAU.

Cameras allegedly shows Wilson’s vehicle entering the Reynolds Center parking lot, circling through several times before Smith arrived.

On the vehicle’s last trip through the lot, it stopped for a short time where Smith was directed to. Then, the vehicle left to park in a lot near the science building.

According to the affidavit, the vehicle appeared to drop individuals off in the Reynolds lot.

Another pair of witnesses confronted university police with information. According to the affidavit, the witness and his girlfriend were in his car parked to the west of the scene. He saw three individuals in the lot, on foot.

Two individuals were crouched hiding behind a parked truck and one was in the open talking on the phone. The one talking on the phone waived Smith’s car over to where he was.

The witness says the individual got into Smith’s car. The light turned on for a short time and then the two individuals coruched behind the truck sprinted to the car and one began a gun.

The witness believes only one person had a gun. They all ran toward and behind the science building.

On August 12, Odies Wilson was asked to come in for a voluntary interview, of which he agreed to and waived Miranda Rights, according to the affadavit. He was interviewed by Sgt. McMahan and an investigator with the Arkansas State Police.

Wilson said he knew Smith and heard about the shooting but he and the other three suspects had left Magnolia around 5 p.m. and were in Little Rock asleep at the time of the shooting.

Wilson told Sgt. McMahan that he had purchased marijuana from Smith only twice. According to the affadavit, Wilson told Sgt. McMahan that he told Smith “to be smart” when selling.

Wilson stated “he had a lot of stuff on him and no gun gun, you sell that to the wrong person, someone gonna take advantage of him.”

According to the affidavit, Sgt. McMahan explained to Wilson his car was seen at the crime scene and asked Wilson if he could search his car. Wilson agree both verbally and by signature.

Officers found his 2014 Dodge Avenger, the same vehicle that was parked in the Reynolds parking lot. Officers also found two hoodies and several pairs of gloves that were taken as evidence to the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

On August 14, investigators interviewed Shavionn “Shakey” Robinson who admitted to the individuals being at the scene when the incident occurred, according to the affidavit.

They left Wilson’s apartment in Magnolia supposedly on their way to Little Rock. Robinson told investigators during the interview that he had a “bad feeling about what was about to go down”.

Robinson, according to the affidavit, says he dropped off Wilson and Tolbert and the unknown man at the Reynolds Parking lot before driving behind the science building.

He said he then heard gunshots and a few minutes later, Wilson, Tolbert and the unknown man got into the car, with him as the driver. They made two stops before arriving to Tolbert’s mother’s house in Little Rock.

Wilson was interviewed again on this same day and would not comment on the incident, only saying “ya’ll know everything,” according to what stated in the affidavit.

Tolbert was also interviewed, claiming he was asleep in the car when the shooting occurred because he was very high at the time.

The unknown man, the buyer, was later identified as Quincy Lewis, who has a blood relation to Tolbert, believed to be half-brothers.

The affidavit doesn’t state who the shooter was and who which of the two suspects were hiding behind the vehicle.

They have have all entered a non guilty plea and are being charged with capital murder and aggravated burglary.

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