Gordon is making his way towards the pelican state and some residents say they don’t know what to expect.

“I’m really worried about it because last time we had a tropical storm we were without power here in West Monroe for two days”, says resident Katie Ballard. 

Christopher Hill adds, “In our area you’re always worried about flooding.” 

City officials say they’re working hard to ensure everyone is safe.

“We have everyone out as usual public works will be out engineering”, says Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo.

“All of our chain saws are in working condition all of our storm water pump stations are working” says Director of Public Works Tom Janway.

Both say the best thing you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of flooding is clearing out your ditch.

Living in north Monroe, Chris Hill says he’s always taking precautions to ensure he and his family stay flood free.

“We’ve got our share of bad weather in that area that caused a lot of flooding and damage”, says Hill.

Some residents are stocking up on groceries just in case.

“I’m getting my bread and milk I’m getting my gas”, says Katie Ballard.

Mayor Jamie Mayo says the city is even prepared to house those who might seek shelter from southern Louisiana.

“For citizens coming throughout the southern part of our state we’ll be ready for them and we’ll house them”, says Mayor Mayor.

And officials always stress turn around don’t drown when approaching high water while driving.

Ouachita Parish hasn’t announced whether it will be distributing sand bags.Click here for the list of locations in Morehouse and Madison Parishes where residents can collect sand bags.