UNION PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — It was an intense day in the courtroom during Friday’s pre-trial hearing for the Ronald Greene case. The lawyers of the five officers made their arguments as to why they wanted the judge to drop the indictment charges.

The defendants’ lawyers argued the state did not provide adequate particulars of what the accused officers did. The state prosecutor informed the court the council could push play on the video and look at an expert’s report, which the District Attorney says consists of pictures frame by frame of the incident.

Have sound evidence, sound confessions of other troopers but yet and still we’re here into the past four years, and you’re still trying to minimize what these killer cops have done. It took until December of 2022 to get these indictments and now you’re going to literally pull a part thread that had these killer cops and do your best to minimize the charges to where they can go back into society and do more damage to black and brown citizens. This is exactly what is happening.

Mona Hardin, Mother of Ronald Greene

The state prosecutor says they are not surprised with Friday’s court date turnout. The state says the defense made technical and legal arguments; he also stated the law is what it is, and he cannot argue against it. Attorney Mike Smalls says if the judge doesn’t rule to drop the charges, then they will keep going.

The judge has not decided on whether or not to drop the indictments. We will be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information.