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MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As fuel prices continue to rise, gas could become a thing of the past and electric vehicles could become the future. KARD’s Kyla Scott took a look at charging station availability and what’s being done to get more of them in the area.

According to President Biden, by 2030 he wants at least 50 percent of purchased passenger vehicles sold to be electric. But right now, the only charging station in the Twin Cities is at Town Place Suites by the Marriot that’s located near the Pecanland Mall.

Not only is it the only charging station, but it’s also exclusively for Tesla Owners, leaving travelers with other types of electric vehicles with no place to power up.

Traci Dawson, a Tesla owner, says, “Elon was the first to put this network together so that we could do electric vehicle cross county travel. So, for the people who don’t have Teslas it’s very problematic.”

Monroe’s Economic Development and Executive Liason says the city has a plan to bring more charging stations to the area ahead of a potential surge of electric vehicles hitting the streets.

DJ Fortenberry, Monroe’s Economic Development and Executive Liason, says, “Currently, with our sidewalk projects going on Desiard, Jackson St, Winnsboro Road, we are engineering into those projects car charging stations. Because we realize those areas are places for people to stop off the interstate, so, it only makes sense in our high traffic areas to start adding those so that our restaurants can start to benefit our local businesses and retail can benefit while people are having to stop for 30 to 45 minutes to charge their vehicle.”

And as the cost of fuel continues to rise, switching from the pump to the plug could spark the next move for many drivers.

“I save a lot of money for sure. And also, it’s safer for the environment we want to the world to last another 2,000…3,000 years, right?,” says Dvonte McFarland, Tesla owner.

And if you have doubts about electric vehicles, these Tesla owners say you may be shocked at the advantages.

“It’s literally a computer on wheels, there is nothing mechanically really inside it. I mean there are wheels and windshield wiper fluid that I have to change or add to so it’s a pretty easy adjustment,” says Dawson, a Tesla owner.

McFarland, a Tesla owner, says “Let me tell y’all how good the cars are, if you rode in the car you would buy one.”

With electric cars becoming a thing of the future, don’t be surprised if you see more charging stations like the ones near the Pecanland Mall popping up in your areas and fewer gas new gas stations.

WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Tonight at 9 PM, FOX 14’s Kyla Scott will discuss the lack of charging stations for electrical vehicles in the Monroe area. Be sure to tune in to learn more about this issue.

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