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Police warn parents about the dangers of finding painted rocks

BROOKHAVEN, Miss (WJTV) - Over the last few months, a new craze has hit the Brookhaven community, hiding and finding painted rocks around town.

"Oh, our community has always been very much family oriented and this is just a way to get families out searching for rocks together," said Brookhaven resident Angela Portrey.

"I cannot believe how it has caught on in Brookhaven," said Debbie Keene, creator of the 'Rockin' Ole Brook' Facebook page. "The children love it and also the parents." 

But, when some of the rocks began to have cash rewards and phone numbers attached to the them, police urged residents to be wary.

"It's not to throw any shadow on the people that's doing it because they're great people and this is a great thing, just parents need to be aware of there kids never meeting anybody alone," said Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins.

Keene paints and hides rocks herself. She said although she believes Brookhaven is safe, she says that people should still be careful.

"One of the misconceptions is that it might not be safe in Brookhaven to hide rocks," said Keene. "I feel like it is very safe. I feel like parents are along with the younger children."

"But what we all want to be cautious no matter what we're doing."

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