Police Investigate Murder in Crossett

Local News

2018 May 03

This week Tamara Taylor says she got the call she could have never expected.

“I was like no, somebody go and make sure. Make sure before I go and call my mama and them and tell them, she said.

She says a man who had been a perfect stranger had become more like family, and now that man is dead.

Taylor said 39-year-old Damien Doyle stumbled across her and her family after falling on hard times. 

She welcomed him into her home, and the rest is history.

“He was a blessing to us,” she said. “People would say how can you let a complete stranger move into your house, and I say I didn’t let a complete stranger move into my house. I let a complete angel move into my house.”

She says he was a quiet guy, but once you had the chance to talk to him, he would open up making him unforgettable.

Now,she says she feels like she’s missing a piece of her family.

“It’s really like a boring town here, and it’s too much going on here for it to be the setting that it is here.”

She says the community has to do better.

“The violence has to stop, and it has to stop in our community.”

And while they wait for answers and try to find closure they pray that no one else’s family has to feel this pain.

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