WEST MONROE, La. — (4/8/19) People in Jonesboro like William Smith, say they now have a new reason to trust their law enforcement. That’s because there’s a new body camera system in town, bridging the gap of community policing. 

“If something happen, it’ll tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, right?” says Smith.

Joneboro Police Chief James Harris says the departments new tech gves him a closer look at what’s going on in the field. 

“I try to keep the information as open as possible as long as theirs not an on – going investigation.” says Harris. “But with a system like this I’m able to immediatley get access to the cameras and let the public know exactly what’s happening.”

The Cheif says the system is as simple as connecting to an online database called visual labs, and sending the videos into a cloud.

“Just put the apps on the phones. I was able to get rid of two or three systems that I was using.” says the Chief. “For example, these phones are also a GPS, it gives me the exact location of my officers the speed they were going.”

Chief Harris says the visual labs sytem offers online training that the force will take. Once everyone is good to go, they will begin enforcing use of the new cameras in the field.