UPDATE: Victim on life support from Oct. 1st shooting has died

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UPDATE: (10/10/19) WEST MONROE, La — Reginald Hill Jr. was one of the three victims in the shooting. After the shooting, he was flown to the hospital and put on life support.

Hill has passed away.

His family and friends reflect on his life and the legacy he left.

“The most that I will remember is his love for sports. He loved sports. He played basketball since he could dribble–like two or three years old. He loved sports,” said LaTronna Hill, Reginald Hill Jr.’s Sister.

“He was also goofy. He made a lot of people laugh and I think that’s one thing that we’ll miss about him is the laugh that he gave us. He didn’t have to say much to make anyone laugh,” said Hill.

“I mean we had a lot of memories. On the court and off the court. The best memories were off the court. Like we had a bond. I was closer to him than any other person,” said Paul King, Best Friend of Reginald Hill Jr.

“I forgive them for what they did and I want the Lord to have mercy on their soul. I can’t go on with that hate in my heart cause that won’t bring my brother back,” said Hill.

Frazier, Andersen, and the juvenile are charged with 3 counts of attempted second degree murder. Those charges could be upgraded.

UPDATE: (10/3/19) WEST MONROE, La. — The West Monroe Police Department has released the names of the three shooting victims.

Reginald Hill, Jr. has been identified as the driver of the vehicle. Police say Hill was shot in the head and had to be flown to LSU-Shreveport. They say Hill is still in critical condition.

Marcalis Parker has been identified as the second victim that was also shot in the head. Parker is also still in critical condition.

Charlie Ross has been identified as the third victim that was shot in the body. Ross was treated at a local hospital and released.

UPDATE: (10/3/19) WEST MONROE, La. — Three people are behind bars and three more are injured after a planned robbery turns into a shooting on Coleman Avenue.

According to arrest reports, 18-year-old Nigel Frazier and 17-year-old Alicia Andersen were developed as suspects in the shootings of three people on October 1st.

When interviewed by police, the pair admitted to meeting the three victims for the purpose of selling a gun. Frazier also admitted that he and a juvenile suspect planned to actually rob the victims.

Frazier also told police that during the robbery, the juvenile suspect shot the three victims.

The arrest reports also state that the first victim, the driver of the vehicle, was shot in the head and had to be flown to LSU-Shreveport where he is currently listed in critical condition. Nursing staff who spoke to officers say that the driver is on life support and is not expected to recover from his injuries.

The second victim was shot in the head as well and is currently in critical condition.

The third victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and has been discharged.

All three suspects are each facing three counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder, but those charges could be upgraded.

Andersen and Frazier are currently being held in the Ouachita Correctional Center without bond.

UPDATE: (10/2/19) WEST MONROE, La — One man said he saw one person running away wearing a red shirt with dark denim jeans and a second person running away wearing a white shirt with lighter colored jeans.

Another man who did not want to be identified said a suspect knocked on his door begging for help.

“I was getting ready to go to bed and this dude just started banging on my bedroom window first and then he came to the front door screaming help my name is Charlie, I’ve been shot, please let me in, help me. My mom said no we can’t let you in. We just called the cops and went to the back room. He started banging on the window some more and then at the end we called the cops and he ran off.”

The investigation is still on going.

If you know anything about the shooting or the suspects involved, please call the West Monroe Police Department.

UPDATE: (10/2/19) WEST MONROE, La. — The West Monroe Police Department has confirmed that a shooting did occur overnight on Montgomery Avenue.

According to police, the shooting happened Tuesday night just after 10:30 PM in the 100 block of Montgomery Avenue.

Police say three people inside of a vehicle were shot which resulted in the vehicle crashing in the 800 block of Coleman Avenue.

Of the three victims, one was shot in the body. That victim was treated at a local hospital and has been released. Another victim was shot in the face and the third victim was shot in the neck. Both of those victims were transported to Shreveport and are listed in critical condition.

Police say three people have been arrested in connection to this shooting. Alicia Andersen, Nigel Frazier, and an unnamed juvenile are in custody and each will be facing three counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder.

The investigation is still on going.

ORIGINAL: WEST MONROE, La. – (10/2/19) Sources tell Fox 14 about an alleged shooting that happened in West Monroe last night.

Our source tells us that it happened on Montgomery Street.

Witnesses say they heard several gunshots in the area.

The area was swarming with police and first responders.

We have no word from police at this time.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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